Designed to deliver Liquid – Dispensing Pumps

Today one can easily find a bottle of sanitizer in almost every home but this bottle of sanitizer is not very useful until it is accompanied by proper and robust mechanism. Dispensing mechanism for the bottle of sanitizer or any other liquids like soap, shampoo, perfumes, cream and sanitizers etc. is usually consist of a dispensing pump and a transparent pipe attached to the pump. The pump itself is made up of various other elements like pistons, pump chambers, pumps head etc., and is designed to deliver liquid of various viscosity.

Due to which there is slightly change in the design of these pumps. Let’s find out various types of pumps and their preferred applications.

Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps are of two types namely lock up and lock down. Lock up pumps are more applicable for domestic and cosmetic applications. However, this doesn’t mean that lock down pumps are not useful. As they are equally important and are more commercially use in hotels, spa and gym.

Cream Pumps

As the name suggests these pumps has been designed for dispensing creams or where greasing is required. In order to keep the cream free from hardening and free from bacteria these pumps usually have a cap over it.

Spray Pumps

These pumps are useful where we have to spray liquid which are less thick or technically less viscous. The liquid that comes out of the pumps usually covers wider surface area. Now a day they also find applications in our kitchens. These also come with the protection caps.

Foamer Pumps

These are special purpose pumps that can convert water base liquid into foam. Foam pumps consist of nozzle and a chamber where a foam is formed. Depending upon their type they can be either use in cosmetic industry or for dispensing cleaning soaps.

The foamer has the size of 42mm and usually comes with bottles ranging from 100 ml to 200 ml. A smaller size of 30 mm is available which is suitable for 50 to 75 ml bottles.

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